Keep your back healthy 

Yoga for Back Care addresses the needs of students who want to focus on the health of the spine. Nancy works with many back conditions, as well as teaching students with a healthy spine how to keep their spine in good condition. Classes and workshops focus on realigning the spine within all yoga poses, balancing strength and flexibility, correcting postural habits and patterns.


Back Care Classes Address the Following Conditions

Scoliosis  |  Sciatica  |  Herniated disc  |  Stenosis  |  Piriformis Syndrome  |  SI joint problems  |  Spondylolisthesis  |  Kyphosis/Lordosis  |  Spinal Fusions | General pain in the upper back, lower back, neck, hips, shoulders  |  Postural Problems 

I really appreciate your welcoming me into your Back Care class! Although I’m pretty active overall, chronic pain can make it hard to find opportunities to “exercise” that make me feel better, and not worse! And I always feel good in your class (mentally and physically!), so I am truly grateful!
— J.V.